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10 Actionable Social Media Strategies for Network Marketers

As a network markets social media must be on your radar! With the amount of coverage social media gets, it’s almost impossible to avoid. And sure, you have probably heard this a few times over and may still be left with uncertainty. In this post, I am going to give you 10 actionable social media strategies.

These strategies, are going to help you improve your social media game and in turn, grow your business. Remember, organic reach on social media is powerful stuff. And, in my opinion needs a little bit more attention than what is happening out there in network marketing.

It’s possible (and likely) that those connected with you on social media already know what you have going on. These would be people that fall into your hot and warm lists. However, what about that lukewarm or cold list even?

These strategies are going to help you reach those!

10 Actionable Social Media Strategies for Network Marketers

If you have steps you would include in this list, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments below! I always appreciate feedback and contribution from our readers.

Let’s get started.

Choose the Right Platform

With so many social media platforms out there, it’s tempting to throw yourself at all of them, right? Choose social networks where you know your target audience are spending their time. What would be the point point focusing your efforts (and time) on a platform that your customers never use?

Always Respond to Comments

If people take the time to leave you a comment, respond. This is a great way of building a social community around you and your niche. You’re far more likely to stay in the memory of your audience if you respond to their questions and feedback.

After all, that’s what social is all about right? And, we also know there are huge focuses on community when it comes to platforms like Facebook … don’t lose sight of this.

Answer Questions

This actionable social media strategy will take a bit more effort than the rest. However, is also one of the most powerful ones.

Many questions posed on social media will be something you can help with whether it be through your product or service, or simply your expertise. With many social platforms offering search options, it isn’t hard to find potential customers that are asking questions that you can answer.

Take some time each day and, go and find them!

Use Videos and Images

Your posts will have a much greater impact on your audience if there is something visual there for them to consume. Remembe, always keep it relevant and interesting to the accompanying text.

Add your Social Media Links to your Email Signature

Adding your social profile links to your email signature is a quick and easy way of picking up a few extra followers. There are some great creative ways to create email signatures now too — don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

Consistency is Key

If you set up some social profiles and only post once or twice a week it’s unlikely that you’ll gain much traction with those social media platforms. I know how difficult it can be to continuously post quality content on your social media, but that’s what it takes to get the most out of it.

Creating a solid and loyal following involves predictability. Your audience is looking for you, don’t keep them waiting or they will find somewhere else to go.

Ask your Current Following to Share with Family and Friends

Followers in your social networks are there for a reason. It’s likely that people in their networks will have similar needs and will therefore find your value, product or service offering useful. Why not simply ask your existing followers to invite their friends, family and colleagues.

Using words like, tag a friend who needs this below. Or, who do you know who would do this? Getting creative in your call to action are great ways to get ‘into’ your audiences network.

Promote your Social Links Elsewhere

Think about the places you spend time online. This may seem like an obvious actionable social media strategy, but I’ll give it to you anyway. Promoting your social pages on your other networks can be a quick and easy way to gain more followers.

By having your followers on multiple networks it’s far more likely that they’ll be exposed to your social media message. And we know, prospects often require 5-7 exposures before they take action.

Make sure your Social Media Profiles are Complete

I know, probably redundant but PLEASE take the time to do this. Sure, it can be daunting when you just sign up for a social network and you are inclined to hit ‘skip’ because you feel you will get to it later — but avoid this. Many people will spend time checking out your profile before anything else.

Want some perspective? Think of the last time you received a friend request from someone you didn’t know. Did you check out their profile first? I would bet that’s a safe yes.

Make the Best use of Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to join or start a conversation outside of your social networks. Platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook allow the use of hashtags and they can be a great way of making new connections and expanding your reach.

Search (and use) ones that are relevant to your business. Additionally, when you are using them don’t go overboard. Facebook for example would prefer you use 1-3 max on your content.

I hope these 10 actionable social media strategies were helpful for you. Don’t forget to share them with those you know could benefit too!

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