I believe strongly in Faith, Family and Freedom.


I met my wife Dani 11 years ago and we haven’t looked back since. We support each other and love being able to work side-by-side as a team, not only in life, but in business as well.


Dani and I have three beautiful children who come up with ways to surprise them every day!

Hi, I’m Brian, AKA Coach Fryer

From network marketing zero to social media hero– I know what it’s like to build up a thriving online business from nothing.

Before I personally enrolled hundreds of people in my network, built teams into the multiple thousands, rose from zero to become a network marketing leader, before there was Coach Fryer…I was, well– ignored.

My friends and family wanted nothing to do with my “pyramid schemes” and I didn’t make a dollar my first 4 years of trying to break into the network marketing industry. Even worse, I used to believe social media marketing meant spreading spammy-looking posts that sent everyone running for the hills.

That’s when I threw myself into studying this new social media marketing world that had sprung up. I spent countless hours learning and testing out how to grow my online presence, develop a brand that attracted the right kind of clients, and create and post content that converts prospects into customers.

Now I help other network marketers do the same for their business. I get a sense of pride and fulfilment when I help fellow network marketers succeed, which is why I’ve taken my experience and started a coaching business so I can share my expertise with people like you. I’m ready to crush this together, are you?


I love to help and serve others by teaching them how they can leverage social media to succeed in their home-based business.

Network Marketing Leader

I went from having ZERO success during my first four years in the network marketing profession, to ranking #4 overall and landing #2 recruiter in my previous company.

Social Entrepreneur

Over the past four years, I’ve has mastered how to leverage social media to brand myself and build a successful network marketing career and now coaching business.

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