7 Free Tools Everyone in Network Marketing Could be Using

This new year, we would bet that one of your biggest New Year resolutions is to take your business to new levels of growth. A sure way to start your new year off right is to rev up your social media network marketing efforts. And, what better way to do so than with free tools? You see, we always want to share with you tools and resources that you can use without breaking the bank. Especially for those who have achieved their desired income level already on platforms like Facebook.

Investing in your business is important, for sure.

However, with the free tools and resources available — those investments may be better spent on events, personal development coaching, etc. Having said that, a few tools we have included in this post do have ‘Pro’ versions (there’s a cost). Keep in mind that these are often minimal and a great upgrade feature for when you’ve grown out of the free version.

With the number of mobile users increasing, more people are enjoying social media on the go. That means if you’re on social media, you’re essentially going everywhere your customers go.

On the plane.

On the bus.

In the subway.

You name it.

Most social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, provide free mobile apps. Basically, free advertising everywhere your customers are. With social media platforms alone, learn, apply, repeat — you are well on your journey to success.

7 Free Tools & Resources for Network Marketers

#1 Spice up those Social Media Images (and more!)

Recommended for: beginner through to top leader status

Canva is a tool loaded with enough easy-to-use features and functionality that anyone can create a variety of engaging content that gets shared.

Canva offers a variety of content types. From pre-sized social media image and header templates to marketing materials, documents, presentations, invitations and ads, you’ll find almost everything you need. And, if you don’t, you can always create a custom project.

#2 Stay consistent with a Social Media Scheduler

Recommended for: Intermediate through to top leader status

CinchShare is a social media scheduler that was created by a mother of 4, and her husband to help her save time and make more money in her direct sales business. There are a few similar tools on the market, but none that really bring all your social media channels together like CinchShare does.

This software helps you create, organize and schedule Facebook posts, pins and tweets all in one place. There is a free trial available, and then this platform costs around $10/month thereafter.

** Now, we want to add in something important though. Organic posts will always fall on more eyeballs than scheduled posts. So, we recommend that is you are posting 3 times per day, that only 1 of those posts be a scheduled one. The other 2, should be organic.

#3 Connect regularly with your valued customers/clients

Recommended for: Advanced through to desired rank/income level

MailChimp is the ultimate software that will change the way you market your product on the internet. It is a simple email marketing software (EMS) which gives you a number of easy options for designing, sending and saving templates for your emails and newsletters.

This service is free up to 2,000 subscribers and then a small fee per month thereafter. Newsletters and even simple emails, are great ways to stay connected to those who are interested in you!

#4 Written content might be your jam!

Recommended for: Advanced through to desired rank/income level

WordPress is a free blog platform if writing lots of great quality content or how to’s is your preference. This platform also allows you to incorporate images, videos, etc. and is a great way to get out there in the world wide web. Some people feel they connect best with others through writing — so, using a tool like this one could be a great option.

This is a free platform, however — there are premium themes and other paid services through this site and, WordPress.org.

** Now, we also want you to keep in mind that until you have mastered social media — primarily Facebook, there really isn’t a need to venture outside of it. We did however, want to include a free tool for those who have exceeded that level and are looking for something more.

#5 Video Star or aspiring to be anyway

Recommended for: beginner through to desired rank/income level

When it comes to video and free tools, there several options. Let’s first begin with Facebook Live. There is no question that this addition to the Facebook platform has exploded many network marketing and direct sales businesses since its inception. This is a great way to connect with your audience in both real time, and through replay viewers.

Secondly, YouTube.

This video sharing platform has been around for a long time and you might agree, set the trend for all those that proceeded it. This is a great way to upload your videos and share to another audience outside of Facebook.

When it comes to videos, there is only one thing you need to get started — you! Majority of people who use video for their marketing efforts are using a mobile phone, nothing fancy by any means. In our free coaching community, there have been some posts on how to use the best lighting and affordable tools on Amazon but overall, this is something you can get started for absolutely nothing.

Another free tool to add to the tool belt!

Best part? Both of these video platforms are on the free tools list for your network marketing business!

#6 Train, present and connect with your team virtually

Recommended for: Advanced through to desired rank/income level

Zoom is a cloud based service which provides simple online meetings, content sharing, and video conferencing capabilities. You do not need a Zoom account to attend a Zoom meeting, only the host is required to have an account to enable the scheduling of meetings.

This service is a great way to connect with your team (even prospects) without having to leave the comfort of your home — or pyjamas!

Zoom is a great free tool, with some additional paid options based on audience size as you continue to grow.

#7 Create, Organize and Collaborate

Recommended for: Advanced through to desired rank/income level

Evernote is useful for managing all sorts of different personal and professional online aspects of your life. If you use a computer different computers or devices, accessing files from each machine through Evernote is much easier than emailing it to yourself or saving it to a USB every time you update it.

Since Evernote automatically syncs everything up between your devices whenever you upload something new or make any changes to your notes or files, you’re not limited to working with just one machine for storing everything.

Final Thoughts on the Free Tools Arsenal

Although this is a comprehensive list of 7 free tools — we do believe it’s important to note the recommendations included with each one. Network marketers and direct sales consultants can often become overwhelmed and unsure where to spend their time the most.
More than anywhere — Facebook is where we encourage the bulk of your time be spent. We believe, you can readily build a 6+ figure a year income on that platform alone. So, although many of the tools we have listed here are amazing, consider plugging into them once you have gained some great traction, reach and growth on Facebook to start!

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