7 Easy Tips for Branding Your Business

7 Easy Tips for Branding your Business

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7 Easy Tips for Branding Your Business

When attempting to build a business online, establishing YOUR brand as a person should be the main focus. In today’s blog post I’m going to share the TOP 7 Easy Tips for Branding your Business (for network marketers especially). In a webinar I hosted  (watch replay here), I went into detail on establishing your brand and how to start attracting buying customers to you, today.


You see, branding is a way of defining your business to yourself, your team, your customers and your audience. When people can relate to your brand, it leads to higher (or more frequent) sales, customer retention, and potentially most influential – brand differentiation – what makes you different. Why shop from you? Why partner with you? Does your brand align with the person. Does it define you?

This is key.


In today’s video, we are going to break down the 7 easy tips for branding your business.

Create trust with honest branding. This is a relationship business after all foster those long term relationships with genuine, authentic offers – avoid dressing them up too much resulting in poor or no delivery on promises.

The 7-Easy Tips for Branding content had tremendous responses, light-bulb moments were had by many, and I honestly feel the people who start taking action with what I taught are going to start experiencing MASSIVE exposure immediately, leading to more people joining their respected business.

Here are the 7-Easy Tips for Branding

1.) Brand YOUR name, NOT the company

2.) Create your own unique tag line

3.) Know your target market (explained in GREAT detail in webinar)

4.) Be Unique

5.) Give value

6.) Have a defined story (facts tell, stories sell)

7.) Be consistent


Start applying these simple tips, and watch how many more people you start attracting to YOUR business!

Received value? Be sure to share, share and share! For the Youtube version, watch here