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5 Ways To Getting Your Mind Right For Business | MLM And Direct Sales

This post, is going to get very real for you. Not because I am out to call you out, or make you feel poorly, the intention is quite the opposite. I care about you – and the network marketing profession. We hear a lot of leaders preach mindset, personal development. But, let me be really honest with you – it is easier said than done. Getting your mind right needs to start with you. That may feel silly to hear, but it’s true.

We want to tell our teams ‘read this book, listen to this podcast, attend this event’ – but are YOU doing these things for yourself? To some degree, this relates back to a post we did recently about creating duplication in your network marketing business (you can read that post here). It needs to start with you.

Here’s the real deal – many people in our profession focus on all sorts of things, without realizing the main obstacle is them. In our Facebook Community, I recently polled the members. I want to include some of the responses (names have been removed for privacy)

And, share them because;

  1. You have probably felt the same way, at some point – maybe even now,
  2. The struggle is real
  3. Getting your mind right could affect each of the struggles listed. I promise

Let’s dissect this first image a little bit together. The question was;

‘What are you struggling most with in your business’

getting your mind rightThe first comment we see is ‘curiosity posts, find new people, building!’. Not uncommon to see these few things being deemed a struggle. And, please understand I am not faulting the answer – at all! Because, in our Social Impacters Community, the group is a safe space to express your needs/obstacles AND a place to gain resources. One tweak I would make though is ‘finding new people‘ – How about, ‘connecting with new people‘. Seems simple enough, but even certain verbiage can shift how you approach a situation.

The second comment I want to highlight is ‘finding time‘. Cliche perhaps but, we all have the same 24 hours right? Consider this. I am an active father to three beautiful children and another precious one on the way. A Social Media Upline for thousands of network marketers and direct sales consultants, manage my blogging community and Facebook community of more than a couple thousand. I work with my private coaching clients, run group training webinars, throw in a round of golf, little Chipotle and date night with my amazing wife.

I have definitely left a few things out I’m sure.

How you approach time is super important!

Sure, we have some great time management tips you can check out – but more importantly, how you view the time you have boils down to mindset. Without being ugly here – your situation in terms of business, family, career, etc. is no different than the next person. How you view it and manage it though could be the difference maker.

getting your mind rightLet’s check out this next block of responses to the same question I mentioned above. ‘Getting Started‘ , how many of you can relate to that? You were (are) excited, and want to hit the ground running, but what does that mean? Or, you were (are) excited and simply can’t figure out how to squeeze it all in.

  1. Visit the post on Time Management Tips
  2. Learn how to build your Business Part Time
  3. Better yet, make a decision to get started!

The key with this one would really be ‘why haven’t you started yet?‘. Since we’re not sure of the answer – I wanted to give you some general ideas of what could ultimately help you overcome that obstacle – and frankly, not having time, or knowing how – are excuses. There are dozens of resources available, experts in the industry who are consistently pouring into the community and much more.

This is your business.

Take Ownership of That by Getting Your Mind Right!

Let’s chat auto responders (email) for a moment. In the event that you are new to the network marketing or direct sales industry – you do not need an auto responder (in my opinion) yet. Yes they are GREAT tools and ones I use myself, but when you are starting out in the industry I am not sure they should be a priority. What does this have to do with getting your mind right? Everything. Often, we get hung up on things that simply are not going to propel us forward right now.

We develop this macro level thinking where the micro needs all the work.

The next two images I want to share are the clear differences in mindset. Although the first one almost straddles the line by asking for help — a few shifts in understanding how getting your mind right can affect the outcome would be optimal. I am saying it is not OK to be discouraged, of course it is – everyone does at one point or another.

However, Let me show you an example of how the smallest adjustments can make all the difference.

getting your mind right

The main point I want to make with this post is that ‘feeling like’ is different from ‘facts’. The first thing I would suggest would be to document the differences that you might feel are different from before to now. Secondly, nothing will happen overnight. It’s a process. But I can promise you this – the discouragement you feel will project onto your audience.

Network Marketing is a profession – not a get rich quick. Once we start to really understand that, and I mean REALLY understand that, the rest gets easier. Secondly – ‘not getting the response I want!’. Assuming that what you want might be a sale or a new recruit, this one happen right away either. This is the difference.

When you offer things of value, you are positioning yourself as an expert – not a salesperson.

Positioning yourself as an expert, develops the foundation needed for long term success.

Lastly, don’t always assume you are doing something wrong because it is not generating a short term gain. Consider putting in the right strategy and practices, for long term success.

Ready for another? Great! And if I could ask you a favor too – if you have gained value from this post please share that in thegetting your mind right comments below! I love the feedback and others can learn from your comments too.

OK, here’s one of my favorites ‘overthinking and making this complicated for myself’. *ding ding ding* Probably among one of the most common reasons for getting your mind right needs to be a priority. For you, and your business. The best part about this though? It’s been acknowledged, and before it becomes acceptance – the shift needs to happen. Because, in business this isn’t acceptable. It will hold you back. A big reason we over complicate or over think things is because we’re not trusting the process – or ourselves.

Network Marketing is designed to be a ‘turn-key’ business. There is absolutely no need to reinvent the wheel or change the creative process. It is already done for you. All you need to do is plug in, and go to work. It’s interesting, when we had a recruiting challenge in our Facebook Community, those who followed the system had results. In fact in this post here > 20 New People in 7 Days < our winner describes exactly that. Nothing special, no secrets.

getting your mind right

This example above – same concept, completely different outlook on the situation from the one of ‘feeling discouraged’. Now please understand, I am using these examples for the sole purpose of education. Not to pass any sort of judgement because I do not know the whole story. However, at face value this is what we know. And, the differences in how the same result created much different outcomes for each person.

When you are passionate about something, the dollar sign doesn’t need to be attached. Eventually, it will come. Without losing sight of this being a relationship business – one of attraction marketing – people join people .. intentions, expectations and results may vary. But, when you display passion, confidence and are positioned as an expert in your niche – results become inevitable.

5 Ways to Getting Your Mind Right for Your Business

1. What are you feeding yourself? I don’t mean this in the literal sense of asking you what’s for dinner. But, mentally. What are you feeding yourself every day? Are they self limiting beliefs? Negative thoughts? Self doubt?

Obvious answer maybe but, get rid of them. As long as those voices are listened to – your mind will never get to where it needs to be for success. They will limit you. Consider what you are putting in because that is what will be coming out. And, it’s amazing that we often don’t even realize we are doing it – or that it’s happening. Becoming conscious of it is the first step.

2. STOP the comparisons! It isn’t helpful to evaluate yourself against others or a situation to how you hoped it would be. Thoughts like, She is so much smarter than me, He is so much more experienced or I wish I was that interesting are self-sabotage and irrelevant.

So is hanging on to the thought that I pictured this so much differently. These thoughts get in the way of what you are there to do. Keep your mind set on What can I do? and How can I help?—it’ll keep you focused on what you can influence and what’s in your control.You are in charge of you. Your actions begin with your thoughts. Get out of your own way.

3. Stop seeking approval and validation. Not everyone will agree with you or love your ideas or suggestions. Don’t expect credit for things you are supposed to do as a business owner. Give value without the need for it to be recognized or bought into.

The right people will come and stay, and the wrong people (for you, or your business) will leave. It’s a process – learn to embrace it.

4. Think about the problem you are solving, not the people (this is much different than the importance in relationship building. Relationships are the foundation in this industry. The ‘point’ in this case of getting your mind right – is not being attached to the outcome, the opinions, or naysayers).

What problem is to be solved or opportunity to pursue? Keep your mind there. This keeps your energy on the results. I love this concept; do not become attached to the outcome.

If you are talking to enough people for your business, you will hear X amount of ‘no’s’ before you hear X amount of ‘yes’s’. The key is hearing both. You believe that your products or service are the answer or solution for someone, somewhere. Focus on that. That is what deserve your energy and will keep things moving in the right direction, including keeping your mind right.

5. Personal Development. I know, you are probably thinking to yourself – we always hear that! And, that’s because it’s true. But I want to suggest this; create a thirty (30) minute window every day. Build it into your schedule and/or. routine. This can be 30 minutes of something that makes you FEEL good.

Maybe it’s meditation, a soak in the tub, a walk, or a great book. Whatever it is, do that.

(In case you are looking for book recommendations <this post> gives you my Top 10 Recommendations!)

Well, there you have it. My 5 recommended ways of ‘Getting Your Mind Right, for Your Business’. You deserve it – I believe that. But I can’t believe in it more than you do. Your mind is the variable in this scenario. And, I appreciate that changing your mindset takes time – this is why we preach (and practice) consistency. No good things happen overnight. Great things take time.

If you received value from this post – we would love if you would share it with others who would benefit and would LOVE your comments and Feedback below. Something you would like to see discussed on my blog? Let me know too and I can make it happen.

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