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3 Reasons People are Sick of Network Marketers | Are you Doing them?

Do you ever feel alone in the frustration you have in your network marketing business? I’ll bet you do. With an industry filled with personal growth and positivity, sometimes it’s really hard to own up about your challenges. Especially when you feel like everyone hates network marketers. And, quite frankly — people are sick of network marketers and to some extent, with good reason.

“Good day sir/madam! I see we have a few things in common. Do you keep your options open when it comes to earning multiple streams of income?” 

Sound familiar?

Every single day these conversations happen. And, depending on the places you interact on Facebook (especially) we would bet your inbox looks something like this. Or, even worse — this is you! Before anything else — STOP that! Once upon a time, this may have been a successful conversation opener. However, I assure you this is no longer the case.

The Problem is that when you Begin Leveraging your Relationship

[the wrong way] This includes your family, friends, social media contacts —  to corner them with an ‘opportunity’, you will quickly breakdown the relationship.

‘It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.’ — Warren Buffet

So it is with relationships.  All the trust that took months, years or decades to build can quickly diminish when your friends feel manipulated by you. Now, please understand that we believe that this is a relationship business. Therefore, when we refer to leveraging relationships — there are right and wrong ways.

Right Way: Building a real relationships. One that is authentic and genuine. The relationship isn’t one based on your business. You want to know about their family, their hobbies, their interests, their motivation … and so on.

Wrong Way: Building a relationship for the primary purpose of pitching them your business. These relationships lack genuine care for others. They are one sided, false and frankly, misleading.

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Because let’s be honest no one wants to be spammy. More often than not, people just aren’t shown the right away.

And, there are two (2) ways most people respond to network marketing;

  1. They are overly excited, dive in head first without realizing they may be doing more bad than good.
  2. They have sworn off the industry because of poor experiences or feeling sold all the time by their family and friends.

We believe, that network marketing is a powerful industry — that has changed a lot of lives. And of course, this doesn’t mean everyone will join and become rich. However, what we don’t consider is how valuable an extra $500 – $2000++ can do for someone’s life.

So, we hope the following will shed some insight on what you can do, to make a difference in this industry and we are committed to helping you, facilitate the change.

sick of network marketers

3 Reasons People are Sick of Network Marketers

#1 Facebook Spam City

One of the first general, best practices of selling is to connect with your prospect. Ask them about their day, how they are doing, etc. Be authentic in this approach.  We can’t recall ever seeing a sale close from someone saying; ‘I sell the best juice ever –  you should buy it. Here’s my link‘ We receive these ‘pitches’ a lot, and if we’re being honest — we have NEVER bought anything with this approach.

Before a sale can close, it has to be earned. People don’t buy from desperate sales people. They buy from people they know, like and trust. Stop spamming people and learn to connect and care about people. It is a much stronger foundation, and can be duplicated by others.

This connection starts as early as your newsfeed. Think about this, when is the last time you signed onto Facebook because you wanted to buy something? Probably never. Alternatively, think of the last time you did purchase something from Facebook — what caused that to happen? Probably not some random person saying ‘buy now!’

#2 Calling everything a ground level opportunity

Guilty? Many people are, including us at one stage of our career. The assumption, is that most people feel this creates a sense of urgency. And, maybe for some it does — but, whether the company is brand new (or not) won’t dictate your success. In fact, there are people who are part of companies that have been around forever who are earning a substantial income to this day.

Why? Because they are doing it the right way.

Sure, ground floor can be exciting but that hype you are spreading everywhere will only last so long, and only go so far. And, if you are looking to recruit seasoned network marketers into your deal — they won’t bite at this type of promotion. Think about it, when you are no longer ground floor what will your pitch change to then?

#3 Misleading or lying to prospects

Yes, this happens all the time. Curiosity doesn’t mean saying ‘I can’t tell you the company name, but you’ll find out everything on this webinar’. It also doesn’t mean saying ‘just come by my house tomorrow night I want to show you something I’ve been working on!’. It is these reasons that people are sick of network marketers.

If what you have is so incredibly amazing why are you hiding it? Why does trickery come into play? We hear stories all the time of people who were invited to coffee with an ‘old friend’ only to be sold the entire conversation.

This is hurting you – not helping you.

In our community, we share a lot of tools for creating curiosity posts, ones that pique interest. However, what happens beyond that should be genuine. Curiosity posts refer to sharing a great story or testimonial without plastering the company name everywhere. They are designed to elicit prospects to connect with you – and it is there you share the goods.

Final Thoughts on why People are Sick of Network Marketers

To circle back on where we started — can you blame people? Unfortunately, these three (3) reasons are only the tip of the iceberg. We don’t highlight these reasons to scare you — we share these reasons in hopes of educating you to do better. Because, if you are doing these things your team will too. Thus creates this endless circle and why more and more people don’t take network marketing seriously.

We hope to see you on our upcoming webinar and we know it will help you attract people the right way and save you from these three common reasons people are sick (and tired) of network marketers.

Let’s make the difference.

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