3 Reasons you are Not Recruiting New People to your Business

It is no secret that recruiting or rather, introducing and launching new distributors to your business can be especially lucrative. And, this include upfront in terms of bonuses and also in the long term to grow exponentially. We know, that the larger the sales team the larger the sales volume — usually. What’s interesting is that despite knowing these facts, recruiting is one of the skills that most people still struggle with.

Despite all the training, experts, sponsors, books, audios and all things in between — it continues to be one of, if not THE, biggest struggle.

Here’s the Deal About Recruiting Though …

Learning its skill is paramount. Because yes, you can earn exceptional income in network marketing and direct sales though your customers alone however, add a solid team into the mix .. and the possibilities are endless.


When we finally got the hang on building a team a handful of years into our career, it became something we were endlessly passionate about. When you are growing your team, you will stretch, grow and learn more than you ever thought possible.

And, we wouldn’t change it for a moment!

So, although we have some great posts and various trainings on recurring, this post is going to dial back a little bit. We want to focus on the probable reasons you have not been recruiting new people into your business.

Like anything, once we discover where things went wrong, we can work on putting them back together (or avoiding them completely!) Therefore, we ask that when you go through this list .. jot down immediately the adjustments you can make moving forward. Act now.

3 Reasons you are Not Recruiting New People to your Business

#1 You prejudge others.

At one point or another, we’re all guilty of it, right? We go ahead and decide what someone’s answer will be without even asking them — horrible idea! Because the truth is, in many cases some of our best distributors were people we never imagined would rock this business.

You’ve heard it before, but we’ll say it again …

The worst thing someone can say to you, is no. If you have a relationship with someone, one you’ve been building on, perhaps they’ve even asked you a thing or two about your business already …. Ask them!!! Use what you already know about them, and ask them if it’s something they would be open to.

Action Tip: Go back through your list of prospects and highlight anyone you made a decision about, without even asking a question. Then, go contact them

#2 You’re acting desperate!

You had a great conversation with a prospect. In fact, may have even gone better than you were expecting. You chat about the business, they’re asking about the compensation plan, start up packages, etc. The last thing they said to you was, ‘great, can’t wait to join you!’.

Conversation ends. Few days have gone by and you are still refreshing your back office and their name isn’t there yet. And then you, get a little crazy.

You message, email, call, and text them asking ‘where’d you go, you said you were going to sign up … blah blah blah!!’. Please don’t do this. Considering how well things went last conversation, its probable they got busy with family, life, etc. Let them have that .. sure, check in with them in ONE place with a kind hey how are you?! But don’t go all stalker on them.

Action Tip: Circle back to conversations that you may have done this (been desperate), be transparent, apologize for the last time you spoke … be human. People will always appreciate this.

#3 You are Making it about you and not about them.

This is a game-changer and once you tweak this, your business will change for the better. You have mastered building relationships, you are a rockstar at following up, you now finally have a chance to have a one on one to chat with your prospect about your business. Now is not the time to verbally diarrhea your company’s compensation plan and training all over them.

None of this is about you. Its about them. Contrary to what you are thinking, you’re not signing people on your team and building a team to help you. Get that promotion out of your head, forget about that incentive trip or the money. That is not what recruiting is about.

Nope, you are offering the business to help others.

You are in service to others and your job is to find out how and if your opportunity can help them. How can it help your prospect and how would it effect their family?

Ask questions like:

  1. what interests you about my company?
  2. what are you passionate about?
  3. how much extra money would be great for you and your family?
  4. what would you do with the money?
  5. are you coachable?
  6. how can I help you get started?

When you make it about others and not about yourself, you are able to work with people who want to work with you. Most importantly, you are working from a more genuine and authentic place. This will leave you and your prospects feeling better and more motivated to work.

When you care for your team, they feel that you care and they know that you believe in them.

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